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  • Application Ally’s exclusive Undergraduate cohort includes a comprehensive program for high school students to develop their profiles for college applications. 
  • We work with 15 students from Grades 9 to 12, annually to ensure that each child gets the personalized attention they need. We take a student-centered approach to college counseling, with an aim to fortify a student’s strength and present it in college applications to top universities overseas.
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Grades 9 -10

  • For students in Grades 9 and 10, the process focuses on building meaningful profiles that feature High-Impact activities.
  • Students will have timely touch points with their dedicated Profile Building Expert and AA’s team of expert consultants to craft a profile that highlights the student’s achievements, skills, and career aspirations. 
  • The focus is to set up students for success by preparing them early on and streamlining the college application process.

Grades 11 - 12

Our cohort for 11th and 12th grade is an exclusive group of high school students who work with us on every aspect of their application. 

From profile analysis and profile building to finding the right fit for colleges, writing essays, and finally negotiating scholarship and aid, the Undergraduate Cohort process empowers young minds by helping them land their dream major at a top university 

The Cohort follows a 40 step process that ensures that students manage demanding high school curriculum as well as application preparations with ease!


Step 1

  • Profile Analysis


Profile Tracking

Profile Evaluation

Opportunity Exploration

Step 2

  • Profile Development

Personal Project Ideation

Project Execution and Monitoring

Portfolio Showcase  

Academic and Extracurricular Activity Mapping

Step 3

  • College Best Fit

University Preference Calls

College Research List 

Diversification List 



Step 4

  • Narrative Development


Narrative Arc 

Major Strategy 

SOP Brainstorm and Structure

Application Round Strategy

Activity List and Resume Editing

Step 5

  • Administrative Assistance

LOR Discussion 

Recommendation Tracker 

College Communication

College Portals 

College Deadline Tracker

Step 6

  • Essay Building

SOP Editing 

Prompt Tracker 

Supplemental Essays Brainstorming

Additional Information Section

Supplemental Essay Editing

Step 7

  • Scholarships

Affordability Analysis 

College Communications 

Negotiation Strategy 

Aid Negotiation

Interview Prep and Mock

Step 8

  • Acceptance


Waitlist Negotiation 

Offer Analysis 



Hear from our Undergraduate Cohort!

“Initially, I doubted my chances of being accepted into any of the universities I applied to. However, it was the invaluable help of the entire team, through the profile building and essay writing process that I received acceptance letters from my dream universities! The team’s accessibility and personalized approach made my applications easy to navigate and helped me stand out!”

Adi Pawar

Bachelors in Business Administration
Acceptances: University of San Francisco, University of Middlesex, University of Leicester, Queen Mary University, London, Pennsylvania State University, Georgia State University, Royal Holloway, University of London
Total Scholarship: $72000

"The acceptances and scholarships I received are very overwhelming. I feel like I’ve got through this process successfully, with really good admits which makes me and my family proud and this was only possible because of Team AA’s support! Their carefully laid out plans and schedules and their constant attention to detail were very refreshing! I was guided through every process, from analyzing my profile to negotiating my scholarships with universities and the encouragement from the team made for a very easy application process."

Arya Gaikwad

BSc Managerial Economics
Acceptances: University of Washington, UC Davis, Pepperdine University, Loyola Marymount, University of San Diego
Total Scholarship: $160,000

I had an exceptional experience with AA throughout my application journey. Their consistent follow-ups and planned structure made my application process smooth.

The Best Fit and Essay Writing processes stood out for their effectiveness. AA not only guided me through the technicalities but also skillfully narrated my story in a compelling manner. This storytelling approach in the essays was particularly impressive and played a crucial role in conveying my unique qualities to the admissions committees.

The support provided by AA was undeniably vital in navigating the complexities of the application process. The assurance of having a reliable partner, coupled with their insightful guidance, made a substantial difference. I am highly satisfied with the thoroughness of their services and the personalized attention I received.

I wholeheartedly recommend AA to my circle. The constant support and guidance they offer are invaluable, ensuring a smoother and more successful application experience. Overall, AA played a pivotal role in my academic journey, and I am genuinely grateful for their expertise and dedication."

Tushar Sattigeri

BSc Economics
Acceptances: Loyola Marymount University, Pace University, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Maryland, Queen Mary University, University of Warwick, University of Washington, City University, London
Total Scholarship: $76000

Start your journey now!

Know More about Arya

Arya’s early career highlights include her role as CEO of Jazz Hounds Foundation, where she created a one-of-a-kind program to teach underprivileged students English using drama in Pune, India. After working at a top civil rights law firm in New York, Arya was selected for the AIF Clinton Fellowship, a highly selective program (<1% acceptance rate) for global changemakers. She also co-founded Himayat, a platform providing employment benefits to female domestic workers in India.  Her experiences have equipped her with the insights necessary to advise students and professionals on aligning extracurricular opportunities with their career goals. 

As the founder of Application Ally, Arya enhances the college application journey for students. She partners with educational institutions to enhance their counseling services and career guidance departments. Arya's approach includes working one-on-one with students for career exploration, helping them identify and engage in unique work experiences that align with their future academic and professional goals.

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Know More about Anushka

Anushka's freelance consulting work with corporations such as BNY Mellon and Symantec further exemplified her commitment to promoting inclusivity and innovative educational methodologies. Her entrepreneurial journey was enhanced with an MSc in Entrepreneurship from UCL, reflecting her deep engagement with business innovation. Leveraging her counseling expertise and a postgraduate degree in psychology, Anushka employs a socio-emotional consulting approach that emphasizes student well-being.

Having served as a consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies and secured prestigious professional fellowships, Anushka is adept at guiding students in crafting compelling applications by highlighting their unique stories. Her experience enables her to offer insights that bridge students' personal experiences with their professional aspirations, ensuring they stand out in the competitive college application process.

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