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SNeha and Chirag

February 2, 2024

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Know More about Arya

Arya’s early career highlights include her role as CEO of Jazz Hounds Foundation, where she created a one-of-a-kind program to teach underprivileged students English using drama in Pune, India. After working at a top civil rights law firm in New York, Arya was selected for the AIF Clinton Fellowship, a highly selective program (<1% acceptance rate) for global changemakers. She also co-founded Himayat, a platform providing employment benefits to female domestic workers in India.  Her experiences have equipped her with the insights necessary to advise students and professionals on aligning extracurricular opportunities with their career goals. 

As the founder of Application Ally, Arya enhances the college application journey for students. She partners with educational institutions to enhance their counseling services and career guidance departments. Arya's approach includes working one-on-one with students for career exploration, helping them identify and engage in unique work experiences that align with their future academic and professional goals.

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Know More about Anushka

Anushka's freelance consulting work with corporations such as BNY Mellon and Symantec further exemplified her commitment to promoting inclusivity and innovative educational methodologies. Her entrepreneurial journey was enhanced with an MSc in Entrepreneurship from UCL, reflecting her deep engagement with business innovation. Leveraging her counseling expertise and a postgraduate degree in psychology, Anushka employs a socio-emotional consulting approach that emphasizes student well-being.

Having served as a consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies and secured prestigious professional fellowships, Anushka is adept at guiding students in crafting compelling applications by highlighting their unique stories. Her experience enables her to offer insights that bridge students' personal experiences with their professional aspirations, ensuring they stand out in the competitive college application process.

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